Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trithian and the Quest for the Golden Timepiece of Gul-Thrada

Writer's block sucks. How do you develop a character? Trithian is such an interesting character, but he's so flat. Realistically how would his quest for the golden timepiece of Gul-Thrada change him? What direction should I take Trithian in? Writing is so hard. I've been working on it the past two days and still I have nothing.
I haven't left my apartment in those past two days. Out of courtesy of course. In the 48 hours since the water left I haven't had the chance to shower. I don't think at this point people would appreciate me going out. I guess I could go to the rainbow river. But I don't think people would care to see me bathing in a public area. Courtesy. 
I need to drink though. I ran out of cereal milk yesterday. I haven't had anything to drink since then. There are no liquids in my apartment. I've been sweating a lot too. I think it'll be fine. Things usually turn out ok in the end.
So I sit back at my desk. I stare at my computer like I have been doing for the past 2 days. In those two days I haven't written anything. I remember hearing something about James Joyce spending a day revising only to end up with an extra comma and him taking that comma out the next day. I mean I'm no James Joyce but--. No, no buts. I'm nothing like James Joyce. And I need to get some water. People will just have to tolerate my odor. I think they can deal with it.
I get up out of my chair. I open my door. I beeline to Ms. Ellen's desk. I know she has water. She might not give it to me, but--. No, no buts. I need water, and I'm going to get it.