Monday, April 17, 2017

Darling, it's better down where it's wetter

"This movie is not quite as good as I remember," Munny thinks to himself. He remembers being more compelled by the story, being more enveloped in the drama. He used to profess it ranked among the likes of Citizen Kane and The Godfather. At this point in the movie though, Munny is no longer convinced The Little Mermaid is a literary work.
"Flounder, don't be such a guppy!" remarks Ariel. Munny chuckles. He's always liked that line. He lies down in the grass. It's harsh and itchy. Almost immediately he again assumes his previous position, precariously in between lying and sitting upright. Finding this position uncomfortable, and the movie underwhelming he decides to take a walk.
At the basketball court, a folk music band is drawing a measly crowd. It doesn't look like a single one of their albums has been taken off the table near the bandstand. They're called "Bad Faith." "Interesting band name," Munny thinks to himself. He walks over to the table and examines the album. It's called "Being and Nothingness." Munny doesn't understand this as a philosophical work by Jean-Paul Sartre, but he gets the vibe that this isn't his type of music. Munny hears the lead singer of The Existentialists ask the crowd for requests. After a long pause a member of the audience asks for a Katy Perry song. The lead singer, a 40 something with a long beard, a large belly and absurdly tight jeans sighs. He asks for another request. As Munny is walking away from the bandstand, the silence is broken by the opening chords to "California Girls."
Munny returns to The Little Mermaid but immediately becomes bored again and walks away. He walks over to the grills that had been set up. The few burgers and hot dogs left are simultaneously burnt and cold. He decides he'll pick something up from the Exon later that night since he was planning on eating dinner at the festival.
His phone buzzes. An email from a business he had interviewed at the other week. Munny realizes the timing of his arrest was not ideal for the many potential jobs he was lining up. Without more than shrugging off the little disappointment he had Munny swipes away the notification, pulls out his earbuds. He sets his music on shuffle, and coincidentally begins to play "Under the Sea." Munny groans audibly, and reshuffles the music. This time the main theme from Star Wars starts playing.
He walks away from the festival to the sound of triumphant horns booming in his ears. He pulls a cigarette from his pocket and smokes it. When Munny's stomach decides to sing along, he decides it's best to get dinner as soon as possible. He walks to the gas station. After realizing he only has three dollars in his wallet he settles on the only sandwich he can afford at the gas station, the sausage and egg sandwich.
When Munny walks outside the gas station he sees the girl with red hair. "What a coincidence," Munny thinks to himself, that he and the girl with red hair would reunite at the same gas station the same day. For a brief moment Munny believes this is meant to be. He then concludes it's merely a coincidence. Munny doesn't try and approach her, as she's on the phone. She's as beautiful as ever, but Munny sees no need to get rejected a third time, even if the second time was in a radioactive fruit trip. She is laughing, tossing her hair in the moonlight. It illuminates her pale white skin, making it glow. "Truly she's the most beautiful girl I'll ever see. She is perfect" Munny thinks to himself. He reinserts his earbuds and continues walking.
Munny makes his way down to the rainbow river and sits down on a bench near the bank of the river to eat his sandwich. The night is still. Munny closes his eyes and breathes. It's just him and the moon. He finishes his sandwich. He sits. He looks back up at the moon. It's turned blood red. He imagines the harsh red light of the moon oppressing the skin of the girl with red hair, painting her body a dirty red.  Munny continues to sit there. When he gets up, he walks over to the bank of the river and falls in.